A lifelong student of the human condition, folk culture and humankind's symbiotic relationship to the land, David is a freelance narrative consultant, oral storyteller and musician. He is fortunate to live in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bath, UK.

David originally practised as a field archaeologist, undertaking academic research, field survey activity and site excavation work in Wales, northern England and southern Scotland, and gaining degrees in history and in archaeology. David's academic grounding in ancient, medieval and modern history, as well as his training and experience in prehistoric archaeology, deeply inform his current narrative practice, storytelling and ballad singing.

David later transferred his investigative skills to become a specialist examiner of the effectiveness and efficiency of public bodies' use of resources, qualifying as a chartered public finance accountant and co-authoring or making specialist contributions to many published investigations into the use of public money by executive branches of government. From this vantage point David also developed a particular interest in the ways organisations formulate, articulate and regenerate their corporate narratives.

In 2000 David and three friends founded External link opens in new tab or windowFire Springs storytellers, subsequently co-producing and performing in many shows with ecobardic themes that combine stories, music, poetry and song. In 2010 David also became a freelance narrative consultant, providing creative thinking services to public, private and third sector bodies. And in 2012 David founded External link opens in new tab or windowApplied Cognition Ltd, which provides analytical management consultancy services to enterprises undertaking strategic and operational development or corporate change initiatives.

David is the author of 'Voices in the City' in the groundbreaking Storytelling for Nature Connection (Hawthorn Press, 2022), of 'The Wind Shall Blow' in Ballad Tales: An Anthology of British Ballads Retold (History Press, 2017) of 'The Last Wolf' in Writing the Land (Awen Publications, 2003), and is co-author of An Ecobardic Manifesto: a vision for the arts in a time of environmental crisis (Awen Publications, 2008). David has also recorded a disc of folk ballads, Rogues and Ravens: Songs of Love and Death (2011).