Traditional wisdom for today's world

In today's world, information is plentiful but wisdom can be hard to find. How then do we sift what is significant from what is interesting or merely diverting, discern underlying simplicity from surface complexity, and create imaginative pathways to help us make what we do more purposful, meaningful and fulfilling? How can we see the wood for the trees?

Traditional tales, fables, lore and sayings are often powerful transmitters of wisdom, between cultures, between generations and across deep time. Through paying attention to traditional sources of insight, to leaven the ever growing knowledge we glean from academic research, scientific inquiry and our own personal experience, we can learn useful and beautiful truths about our world, about ourselves, and about our relationship with the environment - to invigorate and sustain us as we create our collective future.

David undertakes narrative consultancy, research, educational and advisory services for a wide range of clients, including running workshops that explore ways of bringing the past to life through the creative use of narrative and story in relation to people, places, objects and events. Below is a small, illustrative selection of the many different projects that David has been involved in since 2010. If you are interested in learning more about David's work or have a proposal you would like to discuss with him, please contact David by emailing External link opens in new tab or or by completing the contact form at the bottom of this page. Thank you.